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Who is Industrial Bikes.Com? is the industrial service and  sales site owned by Bowling Bicycle Inc. Pasadena, Tx

Who is Bowing Bicycle Inc.?
Bowling Bicycle Inc. was established in 1948 by Ella and William Bowling.  The original store was opened on Wafer Street in Pasadena. In 1960, this store was moved to 2036 Richey and in 1965 the store was moved next door to the present location of 2049 South Richey.  Currently the retail stores are location at 16864 Hwy 3, Webster, Tx and the one mentioned before at 2049 South Richey, Pasadena, TX.  For more information see   The industrial customers were seviced at the retail store until 1980 then moved to  1411 South Houston Road, Pasadena, Tx where it is currently located.  

Who are the people employeed by Bowling Bicycle Inc. ?
In 1980 their daughter and son-in- law purchased the business.  In the next years  Mrs. Bowling could be seen in the store or in the industrial location until her death in 1994.  She was preseated by her husband who was in the store a short time after the sale to his daughter.  During the years after 1980 customers often saw three generations of family working in the store.  Currently it still remains a family business with a fouth generation joining his parents, uncle, and grand parents in the business.  Almost family are seven employees that have been with the company from 10 to 25 years.  The retail side has employeed many college and high school students.  They have worked part time while in school, many of these have entered the workforce and become very sucessful.   There are 15-23 employees depending on the season.  

What about customer service at Bowing Bicycle Inc. ?
Customer service from well qualified personnel has always been the key to quality from this company.  Every location has one or more experienced employees who lead other employees to maintain our customer service policy.  See our company goals on the Home link above.  

Brief history of Bowling Bicycle Inc. on the web as and in retail as Bay Area Cycling.

Established in 1948

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