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Industrial Bikes and Tricycle Model Identification
Common Industrial Bicycle and Tricycles

Schwinn Heavy Duti

Worksman inbWorksman Unisex Bicycle

Low Gravity Bicycle 

Schwinn Cruiser Heavy Duty (CHD) are usually yellow, older could be  black or orange. Limited production in 2013 had a fluorescent yellow model.  Kickstand is welded to the frame.  Current and newer models have black front, yellow rear.

If the tire is marked 26 x 1 3/4  (not 1.75 or 2.125) , please contact us  about replace replacement parts.     

Worksman INB, ING, has heavy almost motorcycle type rims and heavy spokes.  As shown above the frame turns down under the seat.  Colors are usually yellow, black and orange.  INB = industrial news boy, ING = industrial news girl. The ING is considered Unisex, it is the better choice if rear baskets are being used.  Worksman Low Gravity Bicycle. LGB, Unit has 20" front wheel .  Easy to recognize even when there is not a front basket or cabinet. If you are old enough you will remember groceries being delivered to your do with this bicycle. 

Husky Industrial Bicycle

Personal Activity Vehicle

Side by Side tricycle

Husky 105, Husky 120, looks much like Worksman, but does have as high quality paint on the frame. It uses black fenders. The 105 model have 105 gauge spokes and the 120 the 120 gauge spokes.     Does not have the strong wheels of the Worksman. Also in ladies model Colors are red, yellow, or black. PAV, PAV3, Personal Activities Vehicle This is a unique  tricycle. Has heavy Worksman wheels.  May not have the high back chair and arms as show.  Has 20 inch front wheel and 24 inch rear Side by Side, SBS, Team Dual , This is a unique tricycle.  Has heavy Worksman wheels.  May not have high back chairs and arms. Has 20 inch front wheel and 24 inch rear.   

ADP Rear Load Tricycle 

Mover Industrial Tricycle

Front Load Tricycle

Adaptable tricycle (ADP).  Has Worksman heavy wheels, and frame looks like a bicycle frame.  Rear drive wheel has square hole, and axle is square on one side.  Looks like regular bicycle frame.    Mover tricycle.  Easy to recognize by large single tube frame.  Seat  tube has set screw to adjust height of seat.  Heavy duty wheels.  Model 2626 has all 26 inch wheels, other 2020, 2026. First number front wheel second rear wheels Front load tricycles  Model U has high front load area that is almost square. Wheels on Model U are under the platform.   STPT has lower springs. Wheels are beside the platform.  Platform width is less than  length.  Either model can have different size lip on platform.


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